i hate family guy because sometimes it’s actually kind of funny and sometimes it hits the nail on the head as far as social commentary goes, but most of the time it’s just a steaming pile of unapologetically offensive garbage.

Look, i understand that vriska is a complex character with good and bad qualities. Sometimes she is adorkable, sometimes she is callous, and sometimes she is downright cruel for what she believes to be the right reasons. And yes, she is growing as a character and becoming more aware of her flaws and working to improve herself. But i get annoyed when people try to defend her actions, because some of what she did is unforgivably abusive, particularly when it comes to tavros. Not only did she throw him off a cliff, paralyzing him from the waist down, she went on to taunt him about being disabled. She repeatedly made him feel like shit about himself, caused him emotional and physical distress, even violently kissed him against his will. And yes i understand her actions are a product of the society in which she grew up, where trolls are encouraged to be unapologetically aggressive, vengeful, and self-preserving. She is a highblood too, which means she has more violent impulses than the lower castes, and she was forced from an early age to act on those impulses for the sake of her lusus. I am not saying vriska is a wholly bad person and she is certainly not a bad character. It just makes me uncomfortable when people try to act like she is not responsible for her actions or that she is a big misunderstood baby who never really did any wrong when in fact she was at times quite abusive and cruel.